GELCO is a customer-oriented company operating in the professional electronics sector, both nationally and internationally.
GELCO is specialised in offering designing, engineering, production and testing services at the highest levels of experience and technology, in the military as well as professional sectors.
The company operates in various fields of electronics, from the military sector (avionic, marine, land) to the professional sector (electro-medical, automotive, communications, aerospace).
GELCO was established in 1981 and operates in premises of 1500 sq.m. located in the industrial zone of Viterbo. The organisation is modern and flexible. There are approx. 50 employees, of which 3 work in R&D.
GELCO was certified (ISO 9002-94) in 1999 and since 2003 is in conformity with regulation ISO 9001:2008 (CSQ/IMQ certification).

The main services offered by the company are:

  • Assembly of electronic cards in SMT technology and in PTH technology (IPC610)
  • Preparation of wiring including RF cables (ECSS-Q-70-08A, ECSS-Q-70-26A, MIL-DTL 22520G)
  • Electromechanical equipment assemblage
  • Functional testing (analogical, digital, potency, radio frequency)
  • Testing of wiring and mother boards (insulation and continuity)

 Production Structure

The company’s production structure is made up of:

  • SMT division: board production with SMT technology (with the possibility of mounting many types of components, including BGA and uBGA).
    Division equipment: Screen printer Pick&Place Pick&Place with glue dispenser Remelting oven Automatic inspection system BGA rework station
  • PTH division: card assembly and completion in PTH technology.
    Division equipment: Preforming machines for PTH components Wave welder Washing stations Welding stations.
  • Wiring division: study and preparation of wiring, tests and crimping, logbook generation, insulation and continuity test, RF cable processing
  • Test division: checking and testing boards and equipment
    Division equipment: Test benches for analogical and digital measurements Test benches for power measurements on feeders Test benches for RF measurements and microwaves Functional Genrad 1795 test bench Automatic test and screening benches Flying Probe Tester SPEA mod. FP4040 (SPEA ATE system is used to generate test programs parametric tests of electronic boards).